Our transition to dairy-free and soy-free probiotics begins with…

  • FemFlora Oral—with L. rhamnosus
  • Recovery Probiotic—120 Billion Most Popular!
  • Probiotic Emergency SOS—50 Billion
  • Human Probiotic—12 human origin strains; 42 Billion CFU
  • Colon Care—90 Billion
  • ProBifido-50 Billion New!
    The highest-potency and enteric-coated Bifidobacteria probiotic available!
  • Natural PH⁵D water-based enteric coating which do not contain plasticizers and phthalates
  • A selection of multi-strain formulas with varying CFU counts and supporting ingredients to meet your patients needs
  • Prebiotics improve probiotic viability
  • Laboratory testing guarantees live bacterial count up to time of expiry when the product is kept refrigerated

PH⁵D Enteric-Coated Capsules Target the Delivery of Live Probiotics Beyond the Gastric Acid Environment

Each PH⁵D natural water-based enteric-coated vegetable capsule protects contents from stomach acid and delivers 100% potency probiotics to the intestines at a pH > 5.

A dynamic in vitro model of the stomach and small intestine, simulating human adults after intake of a meal, and simulated gastric fluid studies demonstrate improved intestinal viability of probiotics encapsulated in enteric-coated capsuled[1][2].

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