Dr. Baljit Khamba


Chair of Clinical Sciences at Bastyr University San Diego.

Dr. Baljit Khamba is a respected graduate of the 🔗 Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. An active member of the 🔗 AANP, she holds multiple degrees from 🔗 York University and 🔗 Lakehead University. As an assistant professor at 🔗 Bastyr University, Dr. Khamba mentors across their 🔗 Naturopathic Medicine, 🔗 Psychology, and 🔗 Acupuncture programs. She’s a published researcher, a holistic practitioner with a focus on integrative care, and a dynamic voice in conferences and media, sharing her breast cancer journey and integrative medicine insights. Through NDMAP™, Dr. Khamba strives to promote leadership, research, and education in her field.

“Leadership, research, and education are key characteristics that I aspire to promote within our profession. By joining NDMAPS™, I can collaborate alongside my astute colleagues and bring our ideas to fruition.”