Vitazan Professional asked a few clients what they liked about us.
Here is what some of your colleagues had to say.

Recovery Probiotic 120

Works well for patients who just finished a course of antibiotics and need to rebalance their gut flora.

Saccharomyces Boulardii

Works well for patients who have traveler’s diarrhea or chronic diarrhea.

—ND, London ON

Probiotic Emergency SOS and Ultimate Daily Probiotic

They deliver the best and most consistent results with my patients. I only buy probiotics from Vitazan Professional.

—ND, Vancouver, BC

Candida Albicans Formula

A really good formula, it works very well on yeast infections. My patients have noticed reduced bloating and reduction in other symptoms within 1–2 weeks of using the product.

Uva Ursi

I use it for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth quite frequently, as I find it works very well on bacterial overgrowth. I mainly uses this product as an antifungal—not even for UTIs. If I need a complete formula, I will use Candida Albicans Formula, but otherwise, if I just needs a simple formula, I will either use Uva Ursi or Grapefruit Seed Extract.

—ND, Toronto, ON


I am quite happy with your zinc and our other “basic” products. They are offered at a good price and they are of excellent quality, which I quite liked, and I will continue to order from you.

—ND, Toronto, ON

Modified Citrus Pectin

It works wonderfully for viruses like shingles. I have used it to treat a few of my patients and I think it is wonderful. You should advertise it more!

—DC, Langley, BC

Melatonin 5 mg

This dosage works very well for a patient of mine that has difficulty sleeping, and I like that Vitazan offers different strengths, so I can gauge the right dosage for my patient.

Digestive Enzymes

I like that there is ox bile in the formula. It works well for patients that are having digestive issues and that are not producing enough hydrochloric acid.

Wild Omega 3

Good dosage with 2 softgels per day. With Vitazan’s formula, I receive much fewer complaints regarding the “fish burps,” and I find that if my clients leave it in the fridge, it seems to take away the fish burps completely.

Vitamin D3

I find that the price is excellent for the strength of the product. I also take this product myself.

FemFlora Oral

I can only find this formula/product with Vitazan. It is quite interesting and works well for women with Candida albicans and who have frequent yeast infections, as it works directly on the vaginal flora.

—ND, Cowansville QC

Probiotic Intensity

As of recent experience with Probiotic Intensity, I used it for the patient after and during radiation treatment in a pelvic area. He had severe diarrhea and was constantly using Imodium. He tried Acidophilus Supreme, but it was too weak; however, when he switched to Probiotic Intensity, he started feeling a big differenc, more energy, better appetite, etc. Another patient is a student and had on-and-off irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. He took Probiotic Intensity for a week and reported big improvement.

—ND, Etobicoke, ON


We use this for patients who will be undergoing in vitro fertilization as well as patients with polycystic ovary syndrome to normalize their cycles. Vitazan has a great
price for this product. Patients tolerate it well. And, given that many patients go on to become pregnant, I feel that this product has had a part in that.

Vitamin E10

We use this at a dose of 1,200 IU four times daily in conjunction with 1,000 mg of vitamin C for dysmenorrhea, especially in patients with endometriosis. We also use this for frozen embryo transfer cycles at a dose of 800 IU four times daily to improve pelvic blood flow and reduce miscarriage risk. Patients who become pregnant are then recommended to remain on it during the first trimester to reduce miscarriage risk. It seems to be helping, given the positive results.


A great one-a-day multi with methylated vitamin B12 and folate. The dosage of the B vitamins are good. It’s convenient for patients who just want a good-quality one‑a‑day multi.

Iron Bisglycinate

Great price for a good quality iron with the supporting vitamins. Well tolerated. No side effects.

Digestive Enzymes Plus

Great digestive enzyme for patients who require greater digestive support with the help of ox bile, such as patients who have had their gallbladder removed.

—ND, Niagara Falls, ON

Prostate Fitness

Prostate Fitness got me some great reviews in the past with a wife of a patient coming back to pick some up with a big smile on her face, if you know what I mean…

—ND, Comox, BC