7,250 IU SOD

Antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

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Suggested Use

Adults over 19: Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Take with meals providing protein.
Duration of use: Consult a health-care practitioner for use beyond 6 weeks.

Cautions and warnings:

Cautions and warnings: Consult a health-care practitioner prior to use if you suffer from asthma; if you are pregnant or breast-feeding; if you have diabetes; if you have cystinuria; or if you have kidney stones.
Contraindications: Do not use if you are taking nitroglycerin or antibiotics.
Known adverse reactions: May cause allergic reaction. Discontinue use and consult a health-care practitioner if symptoms of allergy, nausea, or vomiting appear.


Each PH5D natural water-based enteric-coated vegetable capsule protects contents from stomach acid and delivers 100% potency of the following to the intestines:
Ci li fruit extract (Rosa roxburgii) (7,250 IU SOD)500 mg
Catalase (112.5 Baker units)15 mg
Goji (Lycium barbarum) fruit extract, 30% polysaccharides40 mg
N‑Acetyl-ʟ‑cysteine25 mg
ᴅʟ‑alpha-Lipoic acid25 mg
ʟ‑Glutathione10 mg
l‑Cysteine hydrochloride10 mg
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)5 mg
Vitamin E (5 IU) (from tocopheryl acetate)3.35 mg AT
Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium salt)60 mcg
Selenium11 mcg
Other ingredients: Hydrolyzed wheat protein, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide and a non‑GMO PH5D entericcoated vegetable capsule (medium-chain triglycerides, sodium alginate, oleic acid, stearic acid, ethylcellulose, hypromellose, and purified water).

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