Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium Ascorbate
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Calcium ascorbate (a form of vitamin C) is an immune booster and aids in fighting bacterial and viral infections. Vitamin C supplementation throughout the winter months can reduce illness due to the common cold and flu. Lower doses are indicated for ongoing prevention, while higher doses are recommended during an acute illness. Vitamin C has been shown to stabilize mast cells, and is used in the treatment of seasonal or environmental allergies. Vitamin C is also required for the synthesis of collagen in connective tissues. When serum levels of vitamin C are high, synovial fluid becomes thinner, allowing free movements and reducing arthritic pain. This form of vitamin C also provides a small amount of calcium (approximately 100 mg per serving).

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Suggested Use

Adolescents 14–18 years and adults: Stir ¼ teaspoon into juice, water, or food once or twice daily, or as directed by your health-care practitioner. If you are taking other medications, take this product a few hours before or after them.

Cautions and warnings:


Each ¼ teaspoon contains:
Calcium ascorbate (100% pure)1090 mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)817.5 mg
Calcium109 mg
No fillers or excipients. 100% pure.