The Vitazan Professional is a proud sponsor of continuing education for integrative medical practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors. The following are recorded webinars and trainings featured for our clients.

The first series of lectures and trainings are in Integrative Oncology. We invite you to browse through our webinars and contact us for any questions! All webinars are recorded. Licensed Naturopathic Doctor Registrants will automatically be granted access to the recording.

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  • Integrative Oncology Product Showcase

    Integrative Oncology Product Showcase

    The Integrative Oncology Product Showcase webinar was a sponsored Lunch & Learn Webinar with the OAND on April 6 2023. This webinar features an in-depth look into the newly developed and launched products for integrative cancer care, developed by the NDMAPS (Naturopathic Doctors Medical Advancement Panel Solutions) and manufactured by Vitazan Professional in their GMP compliant facility and tested through their team of scientists and ISO-17025 accredited laboratory. Education, research, and directions of use are compiled in various detail aids and resources available exclusively for Naturopathic Doctors and Integrative Oncology specialists.

  • Perioperative Immune Support in Oncology

    Perioperative Immune Support in Oncology

    Perioperative Immune Support with Dr Seely, ND: Brief overview of Immune function as it relates to cancer; Surgical impact on immune function; Immunosupportive care in the perioperative setting; Case discussion.

  • Integrative Oncology Focus Group and Panel Discussion

    Integrative Oncology Focus Group and Panel Discussion

    Naturopathic Physicians Webinar in beginning of March 2023 The Integrative Oncology Focus Group webinar, sponsored by VITAZAN, is a unique opportunity to share, discuss, and ask questions about treating oncology patients in an integrative setting.