Our Mission

To offer innovative, well-researched and well-formulated therapeutic natural products. As a leading company with the most advanced in-house laboratory in Canada, we are able to test the integrity and potency of our raw materials upon arrival and throughout the entire manufacturing process. Exclusive to health-care professionals—naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, and MDs—we are proud to offer this product line to you, and look forward to sharing our passion.


What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have used Vitazan supplements.

I have used many different herbal tinctures, vitamin/mineral supplements, and other preparations to support the body and bring it back to balance. Vitazan is a company I have been using over the past 7 years.

Dr. Brenda Gill

When I put my reputation on the line with a health-care product, it has to be research-grade and perform to high standards. Vitazan Professional products give my patients extraordinary value and consistent quality.

Dr. Neil McKinney

Vitazan Professional

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